• Connection vs Control

    The first and simplest thing anyone can do to connect with a horse is to hang out with them in an open paddock. No halter, no rope, no gear, no carrots, no agenda,  just spending time together. It may sound simple, but this is the door that opens up a whole new world.
  • Freedom: Where the magic is found

    Horses have taught me the importance of freedom. Freedom to express, freedom to choose our own destiny, freedom over our own bodies and freedom from indoctrination. As we free the horses from their servitude, we also free ourselves.
  • To have compassion is to understand another's suffering

    Animals and plants are experts at compassion. Horses are dependent on the herd for safety against predators, dolphins are brought up in a culture of politeness, trees and mushrooms support each other in an interconnected community. Humans, however, have been taught that exploiting others for personal gain is acceptable. Yet, a mushroom seems to have more inherent intelligence.
  • Gratitude: Shift from expectation to appreciation and witness your relationship transform

    The irony is that we think we are training horses to be better horses, but the reality is that they are teaching us how to be better humans. 
  • Peace begins within each of us

    Peace is what we all want. Inner peace and outer peace. So why is it so elusive?
  • Forgiveness: how to stop carrying our past into our future

    For giving freedom, for giving love, for giving compassion, for giving acceptance, for giving presence, for giving gratitude.

  • Healing horses heals humans

    As people support their horse's healing, their life transforms and improves in perfect unison with their horse. 
  • Consistency & The Art of Routine

    It's no surprise that our habits are a huge indicator of our outcome, both with horses and in all aspects of our lives. 
  • Intuitive Communication: Is it really possible to have a conversation with an animal?

    Animals are giving you signs every day: in your interactions, in your conversations, in your dreams, in synchronicities. Pay attention to them and piece them together. Animals and all of existence is communicating with you. Develop your intuitive communication skills and learn to trust the information you receive.
  • Do you trust the way your life unfolds?

     “Trust is an active engagement with the unknown.” - Rachel Botsman

    What I've learned from the horses is to trust in the process. To have faith that my passion will guide me to exactly where I need to go. 
  • Connection & Community

    Sometimes connection occurs once we disconnect from people, places and concepts that are no longer serving us to create space to reconnect with new people and ideas that are more relevant to the person we are now.
  • Honestly - Just be yourself

    Horses don’t listen to your words. They listen to the use of your words, your tones, your body movements, your eyes, your subtle facial expressions. They interpret your silences. They can hear everything.