Connection vs Control

My mission is to help people have amazing relationships with healthy, happy and empowered horses. 

I met my first horse when I was five and it had a profound effect on me. Although I knew nothing, the horse followed me around in an open paddock with no reason except to keep me company. It was my first real connection with another species. Later, when I learned how to ride, it seemed like I was taught more about how to control horses rather than how to connect with them. 

After years of riding hundreds of horses and eventually becoming an instructor, I realised the traditional horse practices didn’t give the horse a choice and didn’t get me any closer to that first experience of connection that was so pure and beautiful. 

In the standard horse world, it’s common for people to use bits, whips, spurs and lots of gear or even a small yard to get the horse to do what they want. They are often bred to be used for a purpose such as racing, dressage, jumping or endurance. I didn’t want to do that. To me, the concept of using them seems backwards especially since they have so much to teach us.

I want to show you lots of things you can with your horse to improve your relationship. I want to share with you how to connect and interact with them in a fun, mutually beneficial way. The first and simplest thing anyone can do is to hang out with them in an open paddock. No halter, no rope, no gear, no carrots, no agenda,  just spending time together. It may sound simple, but this is the door that opens up a whole new world.

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