Peace begins within each of us

Using my best intuitive communication skills, I interviewed Bob, a horse I'm very close to, for the book. I asked him what theme he wanted for his chapter and the word came through in an instant: Peace. I checked in with the rest of the herd and it was a unanimous yes!

Peace is what we all want. Inner peace and outer peace. So why is it so elusive? This time is teaching us the importance of peaceful relations. It’s showing us how much we need each other for all our needs: physical, emotional, mental. We are not meant to seclude ourselves but meant to live harmoniously in interdependence. We can look to animals for answers. Just as they live in herds, flocks, schools, and pods, humans also naturally thrive in tribes and communities. 

However, many years of injustice and exploitation are finally bubbling to the surface. Now is the time to ascend and unite as one to stand up for each other against all odds because that’s how our power gets multiplied. When we open our hearts in love and compassion for our fellow beings and stand together having each other's back, we amplify the vibration of love and peace on the planet. This is the most powerful way of creating a collective shift.

For thousands of years, horses have been supporting humans in the realm of transportation, agriculture, and war and have been controlled, to a large extent, by pain. This ancient dynamic is still deeply ingrained in our contemporary training methods and beliefs.

The sport of dressage dates back to classical Greek horsemanship in 430 BC. The military trained their horses to perform movements intended to evade or attack the enemy whilst in battle. Whilst dressage played a role in the past to train warhorses, it is clear we have reached the end of that paradigm. 

It appears that now is the Age of Transformation. We are all awakening to the inequalities that were previously hushed or swept under the carpet. How a society treats its most vulnerable – whether children, the infirm, the elderly, the poor, or animals – is always the measure of its humanity. When a society begins to disregard the vulnerable and their rights, instability, and conflict will only grow.

I believe all lives matter: black, white, yellow, red, or rainbow. Furred, feathered, scaled, winged, 2, 4, 8, or 100 legged, we are all equal spiritual beings who deserve freedom from oppression and peace. 

What actions can we take to support the vulnerable ones? What actions can we take to create peace in our own lives and radiate that energy out to the rest of the world?

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