Do you trust the way your life unfolds?

“Trust is an active engagement with the unknown.” - Rachel Botsman

What I've learned from the horses is to trust in the process. To have faith that my passion will guide me to exactly where I need to go. Since there is no destination and there is no goal, the outcome is a deeper understanding of oneself. 

This is a fundamental aspect of the wisdom the horses are sharing with us. Liz Mitten Ryan, who has channelled five books from her herd, says the horses keep telling us "To be in our truth and to trust our intuition."

But how do we know when we are in our truth? And how do we know when to trust our intuition? It sounds simple, but it is not always the case. In my past, there have been times I've played a role to fit in, I thought it was my truth until eventually, I realised it wasn't. And how do we know when to trust our intuition when our mind is continually chattering with fears and negative beliefs clambering to make us believe they are true when they are false.

Horses have a unique gift of reflecting the truth. In the interview with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, he surprised me by saying that the horse's job is to cause problems for people. I've since come to understand this concept in a deeper way which is more about horses revealing the truth about what is happening. On many levels, they show us what needs to be looked at. Sometimes, it is pure peace and joy and sometimes it is disappointment or despair. Ultimately, they are revealing to us our way of being and the consequences of that behaviour. Funnily, many humans imagine they are "training" their horses, but in truth, the horses are doing their best to "train" us to practice conscious awareness and to clearly and objectively perceive the reality in front of us.  

There is an aspect of trust that requires, at some point, for us to leap into the unknown. We know we must leap for our growth but it's scary as Hell. Horses help us practice exercising this muscle in various ways.

When you take off the rope and release the constraint, you have not lost control. You never had control. If you want a meaningful relationship, mutual trust is the cornerstone. Trust does not have to be visible to be real. More often, I've experienced it to be an invisible feeling or a knowing.

Of course, it's wonderful to see an external physical manifestation that confirms that someone or something has our back. This is often revealed in synchronicities. There are no coincidences, there are no mistakes and if we pay attention, everything that is revealed to us is moving us further towards our evolution and development. 

Fourteen years ago, I chose to step out on trust and make the horses my primary focus. I made a decision to head in the direction of being with horses in a new way. Although I had been trained as a traditional riding instructor, my heart was guiding me to do more groundwork and liberty work, to change the idea of work to play and to remove the gear to see the truth in the relationship. Following my passion led me to several instances where obstacles were presented and it required a much deeper faith than I had previously accessed. Each obstacle caused me to reflect and then reaffirm that the direction I was heading was correct for me.

It may be a simple choice to decide to trust that both the horse and the universe is in support of you and your growth. The more you trust horses, the more they show you they are trustworthy. The more I release my desire to be in control, the more I am shown that I am actually in partnership with all of existence.

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