About Lisa

Lisa Podosin started her professional career with horses when she moved to Byron Bay in 2007 and became an accredited Level 1 General Coach with Equestrian Australia. She was fascinated with connecting with horses using less and less gear. Her passion led her to work with many top trainers such as John Chatterton, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, and Mark Langley. What began as an inquiry learning from experts who connect with horses in a compassionate way evolved into a journey of personal growth and transformation and eventually into a book. These extraordinary people paved the way to an alternative path that is as much about connecting with horses as it is about personal evolution. Ultimately, Lisa is interested in people radiating their unique, honest selves and interacting with horses as both an advocate and a student. Her main interest is supporting people to transform their current beliefs and create the life of their highest passion through their relationship with horses.

Hear more from Lisa in a podcast with Horse Chats about 10 Steps to a Wonderful Relationship with your Horse. This is an intimate talk with Earth Conversations about interspecies relationships and what horses bring to our lives. Or you can listen to the most recent podcast with Horse Chats talking about 10 themes to practice to become the human of your horse's dreams.