Horse Experiences

These are special offerings for people who would like to experience the magical wisdom of horses but don't have a horse of their own. If you dream about walking a horse on the beach, going for a swim with a horse or connecting with a herd in a natural setting, this is for you.
If you already have a horse and would like to improve your relationship with your horse. Or if you need support gaining your horse's trust, improving relaxation, safety and overall health, then click on our offerings at the bottom of the page.
These experiences are suited to adults and children with any level of experience. Beginner or advanced will both enjoy! Adults who are interested in a spiritual and energetic connection with horses will find these experiences to be just that. This is not about therapy or horse riding or training. This is about meeting a horse as an individual, hearing their stories, learning about horse behaviour, and engaging and with these beautiful animals. In the process, many people find out hidden aspects about themselves through the reflection of the horse. 
If you are a parent looking for a safe, ethical and compassionate approach and want your children to learn respectful and kind ways to engage with animals, children over 7 years old are welcome.
For more information about the experiences, click on the airbnb links below: