Vision for the Future

Imagine a place where all systems such as housing, community, renewable energy, water usage, gardens, composting, food supply and animal care are integrated and supported. A property that serves as a template for others to model as we transition into a new era of collaboration with the natural world.  

This Sanctuary is situated on a beautiful 100-acre property with rolling green hills and a creek running through it. A place with idyllic weather where people can live, gardens can grow and animals can roam freely and peacefully. A microcosm of people who share the common desire of contributing to the good of the whole and living in harmony with nature and each other.

This place will serve many purposes such as an animal sanctuary, education centre, art gallery, outdoor amphitheater for films and music events, vegan café serving food grown on the land, a workshop/clinic venue, a place for highly calibrated light workers to speak and share their vision, or a retreat for anyone looking for a healing, nature-inspired recharge. Our intention is to provide a place where all beings thrive and to inspire all who work and visit to live a joy-filled life characterized by awareness of and responsibility to self and the world we are indivisibly a part of.

In the interests of long term viability, it has the potential of being a commercially run venture that offers great rewards for all who work and invest in it. The workshops, talks, retreats, cafe, gallery and offerings will abundantly support the care and maintenance of the land and those who manage the property, as well as give it the ability to support animal rights groups, nature regeneration and conservation, and environmental organizations and causes.

Cabins are dotted around the property, custom built from natural materials and integrated into the land. There will be a main hall for people to congregate, and a horse facility where people can learn the basics of horse connection as well as sit in meditation with the animals. Multipurpose trails offer access to the many beautiful spots and views. Electric off road quads can be used to travel within the property.

The centralised communal garden is abundant with fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs. The bulk of the gardens are devoted to growing healing foods such as wild blueberries, celery, apples, lemons, leafy greens and fresh herbs as recommended by the Medical Medium. Workshops are available to delve more deeply into learning this divine information, discovering your unique cleansing protocols and healing your body and soul.  

There is an exquisite yoga/meditation temple to host private small ceremonies, prayer and song circles. An infrared sauna, outdoor spa and natural water hole are some of the ways hydrotherapy will be utilised.

The feel, values and aesthetic are environmentally sympathetic, tucked into nature and externally unobtrusive. Imagine buildings organically nestled in among trees along a river bank, everything, including the gardens, swimming hole, and recreation facilities exuding tranquility – quality workmanship powered by renewable energy with attention to detail and full of love.

In summary, we intend to create a place to surrender and re-connect with the divine energy of nature and the animal world and thus realize how to translate that state of mind and being into everyday life. Meanwhile, those of us involved are building a haven that magnificently furthers our own wellbeing, growth, contribution, and prosperity.

If this is something that speaks to your soul and you'd like to make this a reality, please email Lisa directly.