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During this time of unexpected change, many of us are undergoing intense challenges. Our lives have transformed in an instant and we are in a completely new territory. Our values about ourselves and our society are being reassessed. Big questions are being raised about what really matters? Our familiar way of life has abruptly stopped causing many to ponder possible new futures. Although many of us are in physical lockdown, people are finding creative and alternate ways to connect, share and relate to one another.

For several years now, I’ve been working on a book titled, One With Horses, about healing and the transformation of belief systems. Although I am an accredited riding instructor, my role is more often that of an interspecies relationship coach. My laboratory has been out in the field with horses and humans. Over the past decade, I have been supporting people's letting go of a desire to 'train' horses and instead develop mutually trusting partnerships where both the horse and the human are healthy, safe and enjoying time together.

The initial plan for the book was to discover the foundation of this new paradigm of horsemanship by speaking with the people who I felt were the best in the world at connecting with horses in a compassionate way. What I thought was going to be a series of interviews turned into a transformational journey of life lessons and universal wisdom, as shared with me by my mentors and taught to me by the horses themselves, about how to be a better human. Whilst my focus was on the relationship between horses and humans, it turned out that the practices had just as much relevance to our relationships with each other. As I freed the horses from constraints, gave them a choice and opted to play at liberty in an open paddock with minimal gear, using intention and energy, I simultaneously freed myself from ideas about the way things should be done and allowed myself the freedom to move forward intuitively and harmoniously. It was a process of letting go of control-oriented belief systems and replacing them with mindful ways of being that support a deeper connection with horses. These core principles have helped a great deal in the transition to a more fulfilling life experience. 

Considering the unchartered circumstances we have collectively found ourselves in, I wanted to share these principles with you in hopes that they offer you a map for navigating and coping with change and uncertainty. For the next 12 weeks, I will share the key themes from the book, excerpts from the interviews, wisdom learned directly from the horses and practices that may be helpful to you. 

These 12 key themes are a step-by-step journey that will assist you in letting go of beliefs systems that may be out of date now so that you can replace them with new empowering beliefs of your own creation.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • How our mental state determines our perspective
  • Why each of us is here and what matters most to us?
  • If we don’t have to work the way we used to, how do we really want to spend our time?
  • How taking the first few steps towards what excites you and feels right to you starts the momentum of your life heading in the direction you truly desire

If you’d like to be a part of this conversation, we are holding a weekly zoom call for our community as well as sharing content on onewithhorses.comFacebook and Instagram

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