One With Horses Book

One With Horses is a revolutionary book offering a compassionate approach to natural horsemanship. For people interested in bitless riding, liberty horse training, natural horse care, barefoot trimming, gentle horse training, and animal communication, this is the next step.

In this book, you will receive the best advice I could find from the people I admire most. These 10 people are at the forefront of a new paradigm of horsemanship. In this book and immersive online program, you'll find the answers that took me 40 years to discover and you'll be supported with the knowledge and skills to safely and successfully guide you on a path of collaboration with horses, animals and the natural world.

Includes conversations with:

This book is for those who are searching for a kinder, more compassionate, more exciting, heart opening, mind-altering, life-changing, awe-inspiring experience with their horses. It will give you all the tools you need to create authentic, fulfilling and rewarding relationships with horses and all animals, including humans. The key is being able to shift our beliefs as we learn new ideas.

To those of you who are prepared to take this journey, I honor you for following your intuition. I respect your courage and persistence in searching for answers, questioning tradition and finding a new way that's in alignment with your values. You are not alone. We are all part of a movement of people who are learning to be considerate in our interactions with horses, animals, and nature while growing into the best version of ourselves. Thank you.